Saturday, January 12, 2013

Under the presser foot at he moment...

A Patrones dress with pretty slanted darts in the skirt, material is pretty thickish ( that's not an actual word I know) wool, a light coat material. This dress sports seams everywhere and I'm planning on top stitching them all with silk buttonhole thread if it's in my stash, if not I'll just have to figure out some other thread.

The dress was made by Tany in July  2011, she made it from a snake print, can't quite recall which material it was from but it always pays to visit her site.

 Listening Natacha Atlas, one of the most beautiful songs from her (among a lot of others) is Gafsa from an album called Halim, give it a go in youtube if you don't happen to have it already in your music library.

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