Thursday, January 10, 2013

Drape, drape dress tunic aka Thranduil's tunic

Alrightie, this was finished yesterday afternoon but Rebecca wasn't up for a photo shoot and the battery had to be charged. She call's it Thranduil's tunic, no need to ask where the name comes from, she has already seen The Hobbit twice and there's a plan for a third visit to the movie theater. So here we go, enjoy!

...and there is something else I made recently, this is made from almost skin colored silk crepe de chine, the original pattern comes from Hot and it is free for a download from was it Fabric Mart or some other online fabric store?

 Hope it shows, I didn't wanna use lace so I ruched some silk crepe chiffon for the upper front and used it also for the belt, shoulder straps and edges. The belt is still a little unfinished cos I'm kind of thinking that maybe I'll add some seedpearls to the edge, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I definitely see why she'd call it the Thranduil tunic, the fabric & design are gorgeous! It turned out great, props! :D
What kind of fabric is it, though?

Marita said...

Hello A, it's slinky that's coated with some sort of pearlecent paint. Thank you for your comment:)