Thursday, January 24, 2013

The goddess

I cut it, I pinned it, and I basted it and it was really worth the effort, you need to pin it to put "things in their proper places" then you should baste it to keep them there while sewing otherwise you might end up with a bundle of mess on the backside of the dress' cos there are darts that overlap.

 Serging the necklines and hemline is a good place to start. This was a fun pattern to put together, the pieces matched

 You can see a glimpse of our little chihuahua in my daughters arms in one of the pics. Me I'm a German Shepherd dog kind of gal but this little bundle of love just stole my heart the minute I laid my eyes on her. She's the headmistress in our household, she has five cats to keep in order and believe me she's doing a good job. Ok, ok !!! I admit ,bring me an elepfant and I'd prolly find a way to keep her/him too.

The fabric was from a bin that said cotton jersey but it feels more like rayon/viscose, I used the serger to sew after basting and then connected the front and back with SM using a narrow zigzag stitch which is BTW what I prefer to use when sewing stretchy stuff like this, you get to open the SA's and it kind of gives that flowing feel to the SA's better than just sewing them together with a serger, of course there is nothing "flowy" in these SA's.


...aaaand here it is at last, make sure to have some sticky little pieces of notepaper or masking tape or something in hand when you have cut this, I didn't LOL!!!! but soon did when I first tried to put it together without them, after that it was pretty easy and if you think that there is no way that some particular piece don't belong there, it prolly does :)

 It was so much fun, just because there was a bit of a challenge there. These patterns are so well drafted, they go together with the piece they are supposed to and the fit is right on spot. I recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone.

 I have suggestion that if you want to remake some of the clothes after the first try, make a new pattern from the old one ( this only applies of course if you had to do some taping together, I had to, not with all the patterns but with some and it's much easier and comfortable to have them made from one piece if possible) So without further ado...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two out of three...

Oh boy! I am so exhausted, I've made three clothes from Drape Drape books today. Here is the first one, made from cotton jersey, in off white and buttercup yellow stripes.

These pattern pieces are so interesting and sometimes huge too.

Here you have it straight from the sewing machine, we couldn't resist. Not finished yet.

The pouch.

......and here it is finished.

... on to the next one

I made a tiny bit of mistake with this one, the ribbon was supposed to go through once.

Here's a closeup of the ribbon detail. I sewed the vertical seams with french finish since it's so see through, makes it kind of tidy looking. The fabric is poly mesh and it was a pleasure to work with. These patterns are best cut on the floor because the pattern pieces can get pretty large and moving the pieces would be difficult on the table, that's it folks for tonight, I need my beauty sleep. 

 PS.The third one is ready but it needs to be hemmed.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm on fire, this is the third dress this week

From Patrones  # 284 pattern  26 size 40, which is the smallest size, which also happens to be a tad bit big for DD, but after some fiddling it came to look like this.

What's next, maybe a top from Drape Drape.....nightie night:)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Under the presser foot at he moment...

A Patrones dress with pretty slanted darts in the skirt, material is pretty thickish ( that's not an actual word I know) wool, a light coat material. This dress sports seams everywhere and I'm planning on top stitching them all with silk buttonhole thread if it's in my stash, if not I'll just have to figure out some other thread.

The dress was made by Tany in July  2011, she made it from a snake print, can't quite recall which material it was from but it always pays to visit her site.

 Listening Natacha Atlas, one of the most beautiful songs from her (among a lot of others) is Gafsa from an album called Halim, give it a go in youtube if you don't happen to have it already in your music library.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Drape, drape dress tunic aka Thranduil's tunic

Alrightie, this was finished yesterday afternoon but Rebecca wasn't up for a photo shoot and the battery had to be charged. She call's it Thranduil's tunic, no need to ask where the name comes from, she has already seen The Hobbit twice and there's a plan for a third visit to the movie theater. So here we go, enjoy!

...and there is something else I made recently, this is made from almost skin colored silk crepe de chine, the original pattern comes from Hot and it is free for a download from was it Fabric Mart or some other online fabric store?

 Hope it shows, I didn't wanna use lace so I ruched some silk crepe chiffon for the upper front and used it also for the belt, shoulder straps and edges. The belt is still a little unfinished cos I'm kind of thinking that maybe I'll add some seedpearls to the edge, what do you think?