Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pattern puzzle of January-13

Yes, I have been absent for a very long time. Things have been sewn though, haven't been idle if that's what you think, maybe I'll post about them some day. Here's little something to stir your mind a bit. Kathleen Fasanella from that awesome site called http://fashion-incubator.com/ is having these pattern puzzle's every now and then, and this time I couldn't help myself, just take a peek at this dress http://fashion-incubator.com/archive/pattern-puzzle-q-twist/ A pattern created by Martha Palaza. It's called the Quaver Twist or Q Twist, I call it the beast. I've never made patterns or draped and didn't do it now either except that small( yeah, right) part of draping that I had to do to make the piece of fabric that was first cut into measure, cut circles (5) into it, sewn those circles into half circles, two of which were sewn together to make the "fabric" ready for the draping. I almost got a migraine yesterday figuring out how and where and if not here then why etc. Spent three to four hours with this puzzle and when I was happy with it I thought I'll never ever make it again. The fabric I chose is pretty heavy but such a nice cotton jersey that I happened to have already at hand, the heavyness prolly makes the dress hang well, a bit too well perhaps? Here's a link to the original dress http://portfolios.academyart.edu/martha_palaza and here's my version, enjoy!

 OK, so maybe my linking abilities are a bit rusty again, sorry. Alright, blogger has been up to some funny stuff lately, cause the preview shows that the post looks just awful, hope it isn't like that. Happy sewing folks:)

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