Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pictorial post..

Here are some pix that I promised about two weeks ago, it took me ages to photoshop these, haven't used it for many years, there was a learning curve just to realise what was the first step to take and I didn't do too well, but I hope they will be good enought to look at, LOL:) First comes the cover of Patrones 324. Following a few chosen favorites of my DD.

....and this is the book focusing on the vintage sleepwear etc. The book has patternsheets that you can copy the patterns from.

The Claire Shaeffer-book, which has the accompanying cd, which still is not working :(, so if you happen to have this book, what am I missing? how much goodies is there on the cd, should I try and do something about it?

The shapeshape-book, there's already so many pix from this book in the internet so I just chose a couple one to show.

And here are two pix of the Alabama Chanin corset I'm making for my DD, the bottom fabric is nude, the top fabric is black, the paint is "metallic black" 21-90 from DEKA perm, these paint's are really nice to use and unlike Createx's they don't get too hard when they dry. I've done the sewing with black thread with straight stitch and presently I'm applying the black seed and cut-off pearls on the face of the corset. In the meantime I finished sewing an other Alabama Chanin skirt that I started last fall, the cold weathers came and I kind of drifted away from the project, but it only needs the fold over elastic waist and it will be ready for use. Pix of it will be posted later this spring.

 ( A little note about the airbrushing thing, if you are planning on buying the equipment for that, please consider getting a pretty powerful Air Compressor, don't the cheapest available, I bought Sparmax AC-100, (it cost me 199 euro's) last summer and it just isn't enough, if I need to cover a whole dress with a stencil that's pretty intensively full of pattern, it get's too hot too soon to get the job done.)

Happy sewing week to you all:) Marita


Anonymous said...

As always inspired by the pictures and selections. Loving the corset top too. Looks simple enough but with such lovely detail.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

The details on that corset are so impressive! It's going to be a showstopper.

Rosy said...

A very inspiring post! Love all the details of your corset ... I can not understand what you said here ... Did you paint the fabric for the corset?

Marita said...

Thank you for the comments:)
Rosy the fabric was painted before cutting, I'm preparing a post about the making of a dress with the same procedure. I'm pretty sure I can't get it up today but I'm having a few days off later in the week and hopefully then the post will be up.

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