Friday, March 15, 2013

Alabama Chanin corset...

No pics yet, sorry... but as some of you may know it's from the Alabama Stitch Book by Natalie Chanin.

If you happen to stumble on these in a book store or anywhere else grab them, they are treasure throwes of inspiration and she's very generous with her knowledge which is  very rare these days, what I mean is this, that you may be buying a very expensive book with a flamboyant name and what is inside is just ordinary everyday stuff you already know and might even be pretty basic,  that is not the case with these three books.

A little about the corset, the base fabric is nude, top fabric is black, paint is pearly black and stitching is done with black thread, stencil is Bloomers, I might add some black seed or bugle beads on the corset when I'm done with the sewing but it remains to be considered when it has been tried on.

Still a few pieces to stitch and then it's ready to be tried on .....making something with your own two hands is so pleasing somehow, it gives you time to reflect and calm, it's almost a "religious" moment, in no biblical sense. I really believe it's good for your soul.

Have a fantastic weekend,


Lisa said...

I have these books in my wish list on Amazon. I can't wait to see your finished corset as I love beading.

abailey said...

I have all three books and recently made a skirt with the bloomers stencil. My background is green and the top layer is black with a hand mixed grey . I finished a couple of weeks ago and I love it! Including the process. I am going to make the corset in the green next. Definitely worth having in your sewing library!

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