Sunday, February 17, 2013

Avocado pasta

Now this is sooo good, you have to give it a's a recipe from this site by Hanna and Alexander Gullichsen.

 Here's the recipe.
 1 garlic glove (we use three).
 ½ chili (we used a whole).
 1 lime.
 2 ripe avocados.
 freshly ground black pepper
 olive oil
 handful of basil leaves (here you can go experimenting with flavors and choose something else)
 about 50 grams of both Pecorino and Parmesan
 400-500 grams of pasta this serves for four, we used only half amount of the pasta (only two of us eating) but made the topping/sauce as the recipe says.

 You will be making the topping/sauce straight to the serving bowl. Remember to be gentle when tossing after you have added the avocado so it won't go all mushy, remember to make big enough chunks when cutting it. Also keep in mind that the pasta water should be as salty as seawater. We used black pasta which gave a great contrast to the avocado and chili. ...and it will be served as soon as the pasta is al dente, so you have to synchronize everything. When the pasta is cooked you should save little less than a deciliter of the cooking water for the sauce/topping.

 Collect everything you need in advance to your cooking area and start by cooking the water for the pasta and when it does slip in the the pasta and go on with rest.

 Cut the garlic in fine pieces.
 Remove the seeds from the chili and chop it up.
 Squeeze the lime or you can use lime juice but remember not to use it too liberally.
 Cut the avocado in segments and add to the bowl, toss them a bit with the chili,lime and garlic.
Chop the herbs of your choice and add them in the bowl.
 Add the grated cheeses, leave some to put on top of the finished pasta.
 Toss everything, adding the oil (you might want to consider leaving it off also), salt(add carefully) and the black pepper.
 Add the cooking water of the pasta toss again.
 Drain the pasta, add it in the bow,l toss again and it's ready to be  served.
 Now you can garnish the serving if you wish, with the grated cheese, black pepper and herbs.
 A good Riesling is nice with it, we had a bottle of Kungfu girl.


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